Drum and container heaters

Choose the right drum or container heater for your application

We manufacture high quality drum and container heaters for any application. Our technically superior products give you the right result at the right price. All of our heaters are produced in the UK, which means you benefit from a high quality product you can trust.

HISD Side Drum Heater

The HISD Side Drum Heater is an easy-to-fit, efficient and effective insulated heating jacket solution for all types of plastic and steel drums.

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HTSD High Temperature Drum Heater

Designed to be powerful, robust and thermally efficient, the HTSD Drum Heater provides a higher power alternative to the HISD Drum Heater for metal drums and containers.

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HSHP Drum Heater

High levels of performance, powerful heating capabilities and unrivalled durability – the HSHP is the latest and leading heater jacket in the Heat Solutions range.

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HSSD Side Drum Heater

A flexible and aggressive heating solution for metal drums, the HSSD silicone drum heater provides uniform thermal transfer across the heating face.

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HBD Base Drum Heater

The most robust of all of our drum heating products, the HBD base drum heater is the ideal heating solution for the toughest industrial environments.

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HIBC/B Intermediate Bulk Container Heater

The HIBC/B heating jacket is a robust, easy-to-fit heating solution for bottle-in-cage type intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

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HIBC/A Silicone Mat Heater

Utilising high quality, handmade, wire wound heating technology, the HIBC/A silicone mat heater is an effective solution for heating any product contained in a bag-in-box intermediate bulk container (IBC).

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HIJD Insulated Jacket

The HIJD Insulated Jacket can be used to maintain hot and cold. The HIJD provides a cost effective method of reducing thermal transfer.

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Heat Solutions Drum Lids

Heat Solutions’ Drum Lid range delivers 200/220L drum compatible lids for all heating and market demands.

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