HTSD High Temperature Drum Heater

Designed to be powerful, robust and thermally efficient, the HTSD Drum Heater provides a higher power alternative to the HISD Drum Heater for metal drums and containers.


  • Suitable for metal drums and aggressive heating applications
  • Class II double insulated product
  • IP40 protection
  • Bespoke sizes made to order
  • Adjustable, quick release buckles for easy fit
  • High operating temperature of up to 220°C
  • Standard sizes to fit 25L, 50L, 105L, 205L & 220L drums


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The HTSD is specifically designed for melting or reducing the viscosity of products that require aggressive heating or high temperatures for handling. Used to achieve product temperatures of up to 220°C, it provides the required temperatures to process materials such as waxes, soaps and materials with a high water content.

Constructed with an outer layer of silicone coated glass fibre, the HTSD enables consistently high product temperatures to be maintained within metal containers.

  • Jacket material - Silicone coated glass fibre cloth
  • Insulation – E-glass fibre blanket
  • Element - Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element
  • Control - 20-220°C adjustable thermostat control
  • Power cable - 4 metre HO7RN-F
  • Fixing – Polyester webbing with quick release adjustable buckles

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Design overview – The heating element is stitched into an insulated jacket made from silicone coated glass cloth. Further insulation is provided by an e-glass fibre blanket, featuring quick release buckles for easy installation and removal. The heating element is double insulated for safety.

Health and safety – The heating element is double insulated for safety. Our HISD Side Drum Heaters are manufactured to conform to the EEC low voltage and EMC directives and are CE marked accordingly. We advise that you disconnect power to the heater when the drum is empty, being filled, installed or removed. You must prevent internal pressure build up by ensuring the container is not sealed during use. When using heating products you must ensure your container is adequately vented in order to maintain a safe working environment.

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